Our Community

Gonzales, established in 1825, is a charming south-central Texas community situated on the Guadalupe river approximately 60 miles south of Austin, 60 miles east of San Antonio, 60 miles north of Victoria, and 120 miles west of Houston. It is very rich in Texas history, including being the sight of the first shot of the Texas revolution in 1835.

Since most of the buildings have not been subjected to architectural "updates" throughout the years, downtown Gonzales has kept its original basic look over the years. With this in mind, Storey Jewelers underwent a major remodeling in 2004, restoring the front of the building to its original turn-of-the-20th-century look and utilizing the original 14 ft. ceilings in the main showroom. The highlight of the interior is the south wall which is hand carved sandstone blocks, dating back to the 1800's.

To learn more about Gonzales, visit the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce at www.gonzalestexas.com